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Made Up

High arched brows, both thin and black, her eyes were perfectly round, a startling green and ringed with bright blue, and such thick feathered lashes she wore, two small circles of blush drawn symmetrically beneath cheekbones left sharp by the sag of skin, and the wrinkles were a part of it, too, gathering powder, matching curves that swooped down and then up again from the corners of a mouth left nondescript by the absence of both paint and smiles; for instead of a face, the woman had a butterfly.

89 words

Can't Do It

Still, she's never been much for others, my mother: at the time I didn't know if she realised her sister was actually on her deathbed, but now I'm starting to think she just had no sympathy for the situation.

707 words

Genre   realistic

Style   first person

Tags   australian, aging, post-migrant, 500 creativity exercises

Relationships   family

After the Landsmeet

Dragon Age Origins. Alistair is shamed, Zevran fails to make it better.

1982 words

Genre   fantasy, realistic

Style   third person

Tags   betrayal, alienation, 2012-03

Relationships   friendship

In The Ring, We Are Gods

Antoni arched his back, did as the irony scripted across his chest demanded, and thrust his pecs forward.

1019 words

Genre   realistic

Style   third person

Tags   wrestlers, crossdressing, 500 creativity exercises

Relationships   partnership, f/m, m/m