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Developing romantic love for each other and working to build a relationship, with an optimistic ending.


part 2 of The Modern Hero

haunted by low-flying crows

Genre   romance

Style   free verse

Tags   modern life

Beautiful People

Where the surface matters, but not how they thought it would.

Genre   romance

Style   third person, drabble

Tags   gender themes, aging, alternative lifestyle, 500 creativity exercises

Relationships   f/m


part 10 of Threshold

Basch and Fran. An oasis and an invitation.

Genre   romance

Style   third person, present tense, drabble

Tags   500 creativity exercises, xeno

Relationships   f/m


You ran the bath while he collected the key you left for him at reception. You opened the champagne as he stepped from the lift. You slipped into the bath as he turned down your hall.

Genre   satire, romance

Style   drabble, stream of consciousness, second person

Tags   infidelity

Relationships   f/m


FFXII. Ashelia and Al-Cid. An AU where Ashelia destroyed the Sun-Cryst with one great blow of the Sword of Kings. Unfortunately, the blow nearly destroyed her too. After Al-Cid's rescue, she is a half-prisoner, half-exile in Rozarria, with repercussions.

Genre   romance

Style   third person

Tags   kink, angst, exile, sex, amputation, 2012-03

Relationships   f/m

The Arlathan Android

Dragon Age II AU - concept sketch. Fenris and Merrill, where the mysterious lost power of Arthalan is high powered biotechnology.

Genre   science fiction, romance

Style   third person

Tags   500 creativity exercises, 2014-04

Relationships   f/m

The Crazy Part

Dragon Age Origins. Kallian leaves Zevran behind at the final battle. When he finds out why, he is unspeakably angry.

Genre   romance

Style   third person

Tags   betrayal, violence, 2012-05

Relationships   f/m


part 21 of Threshold

FFXII, Balthier and Fran. Do we call this kidfic?

Genre   romance

Style   present tense, drabble

Tags   angst, aging, 500 creativity exercises, parenthood, 2009-06

Relationships   f/m, family

Used To Be

part 5 of The Modern Hero

you are cruel, He says, you're not ever careless

Genre   romance

Style   informal haiku

Tags   kink, angst, alternative lifestyle

Relationships   m/m