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Lost trust and the aftermath.

A Dynast's Tears to Salt The Earth

part 19 of Threshold

Vossler lives. Balthier and Fran rescue him from Nalbina's depths, but the return to selfhood is not an easy path.

Tags   exile, class themes, betrayal, imperialism, alienation, 500 creativity exercises


part 1 of Threshold

FFXII. Fran, origins. The Wood is not a sanctuary.

Style   drabble

Tags   betrayal, violence, 500 creativity exercises, coming of age, 2007-11

Relationships   family

After the Landsmeet

Dragon Age Origins. Alistair is shamed, Zevran fails to make it better.

Genre   fantasy, realistic

Style   third person

Tags   betrayal, alienation, 2012-03

Relationships   friendship

How We All Got There (Was a Mystery)

FFVII Compilation. Vincent, Hojo, Lucrecia, Gast, Ifalna. How a project like Jenova gets off the ground; how a subproject like Omega gets its legs. (Incomplete)

Genre   science fiction

Style   third person

Tags   dystopia, exile, betrayal, gender themes, supernatural, fantasies, 2007-11

Relationships   f/m


FFVII. f!Vincent (genderbent) and Lucretia. For the prompt 'Betrayal - Lucrecia had just been using Vincent to get to Hojo.'

Genre   horror

Style   third person

Tags   betrayal, gender themes, supernatural, duty, 500 creativity exercises, genderbent, body horror, 2010-01

Relationships   f/f


FFXII. Ba'gamnan and Ffamran. Inexperience doesn't stop Ba'gamnan deducing this Hume is one of "those".

Style   third person

Tags   angst, betrayal, sex, xeno, 2008-06

Relationships   m/m

The Crazy Part

Dragon Age Origins. Kallian leaves Zevran behind at the final battle. When he finds out why, he is unspeakably angry.

Genre   romance

Style   third person

Tags   betrayal, violence, 2012-05

Relationships   f/m