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Contains violence; explicitness varies.


part 1 of Threshold

FFXII. Fran, origins. The Wood is not a sanctuary.

Style   drabble

Tags   betrayal, violence, 500 creativity exercises, coming of age, 2007-11

Relationships   family

No Tragedy Today

part 22 of Threshold

FFXII. Vossler, Balthier, Fran, Basch, and the kidlets. Vossler turns a riot's tide; rescue is as unexpected as it is welcomed.

Style   third person, present tense

Tags   class themes, violence, imperialism, parenthood, 2009-10

Relationships   family


part 18 of Threshold

FFXII. Basch and Fran. No bouquet more appropriate than one made of swords.

Tags   kink, violence, 2008-06

Relationships   f/m, friendship

Once There Was This Mirror (And We Drank Ourselves To Death)

Dragon Age II. Hawke and Fenris. Ugly men and an ugly romance.

Genre   slash

Style   freeform, second person

Tags   kink, sex, violence, consent issues, alcohol, 2013-01

Relationships   m/m

Tastes Like Ashes

Dragon Age II. Fenris chainsmokes; your lungs are changed forever from your first.

Genre   realistic

Style   third person

Tags   angst, class themes, violence, imperialism, slavery, 2013-06

The Crazy Part

Dragon Age Origins. Kallian leaves Zevran behind at the final battle. When he finds out why, he is unspeakably angry.

Genre   romance

Style   third person

Tags   betrayal, violence, 2012-05

Relationships   f/m

The Path of Least Resistance

Dragon Age II, Anders. When his father read verses from the Chant of Light, the boy knew he was listening to the voice of the law.

Genre   realistic

Style   stream of consciousness

Tags   violence, childhood, religious themes, 2012-07

When Kingdom Come

FFXII. When Balthier is threatened, Ashelia surrenders to save his life. What follows, as Ivalice falls apart and takes them with it.

Genre   horror

Style   stream of consciousness, second person

Tags   class themes, sex, violence, alienation, 2008-02

Relationships   f/m

Worlds, Oysters, Pearls, and a Grain of Sand

part 8 of Threshold

FFXII. Balthier and Cid. Unexpectedly, Cidolphus finds his runaway son.

Style   third person, present tense, stream of consciousness

Tags   angst, violence, alienation, parenthood, coming of age, 2009-01

Relationships   family