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consent issues

Contains dubious consent or outright nonconsensual sex; explicitness varies.

Any Which Way

In prison in a dystopian world, being broken doesn't fix itself. An ex-soldier and a roof tiler get together.

Genre   slash

Style   first person, conversational

Tags   dystopia, sex, consent issues, prisoners, 2011-01

Relationships   f/f

Deceive Thee So Often As Thyself

part 6 of Imperial LaGatta

A son follows his freedom. His father's obsession turns damaging.

Genre   fantasy, slash

Style   third person

Tags   exile, consent issues, incest, 500 creativity exercises, fantasies

Relationships   m/m

My Only Sunshine

Dragon Age II. Fenris, Hawke and Anders. Post-game, Fenris sickens. A chance encounter with Anders discloses some information on Fenris' making; Hawke takes what seems to be the only option to save him.

Genre   horror

Style   first person

Tags   angst, class themes, consent issues, slavery, 2013-06

Relationships   m/m

Once There Was This Mirror (And We Drank Ourselves To Death)

Dragon Age II. Hawke and Fenris. Ugly men and an ugly romance.

Genre   slash

Style   freeform, second person

Tags   kink, sex, violence, consent issues, alcohol, 2013-01

Relationships   m/m

Pride Does Not Come Before A Magister

Dragon Age II; Danarius briefly broken. Not a pleasant story.

Genre   horror

Tags   dystopia, gender themes, consent issues, alienation, slavery, 2013-05

Relative Level

Despite the town's declaration of neutrality, I have been assigned two guards. In respect to my position, they are both female.

Genre   fantasy

Style   first person

Tags   gender themes, consent issues, 500 creativity exercises

Relationships   f/m

Within and Without

part 6 of Common People

Her mother could not find a photographer. No one sits at the bridal table. Beloved's friends are not by her side.

Genre   realistic

Style   sketch, third person

Tags   australian, consent issues, 500 creativity exercises, alcohol

Relationships   family