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Traditional military values of bravery, sacrifice, sense of duty, and camaraderie are stressed.

A Sense of Commitment

FFXII. Skypirates and ex-spies collide under a military blockade: a tale of how Balthier and Fran came to possess the Strahl.

Genre   action

Style   first person

Tags   steampunk, spies, military, 2010-11

Relationships   partnership

Doctor Doctor

FFVII / FFIX crossover. General Beatrix is a SOLDIER, Doctor Lucrecia runs the experiments.

Genre   horror

Style   third person

Tags   gender themes, military, 500 creativity exercises, body horror, 2010-01

Relationships   f/f

Scant Heritage

part 23 of Common People

A home just isn't complete without Nazi memorabilia, one salesman says.

Genre   realistic

Style   third person

Tags   australian, military, 2011-07

Relationships   f/m


Professionals (CI5) / Rats of Tobruk (WW1). Doyle's just joined the army. Logically he knows the reasons why, but no one warned him about the culture shock. The loneliness is beginning to hurt, right up until the moment he falls into a reluctant conscript's arms and sweeps him off his feet. Of the 'men who get into a fist fight together suddenly become best friends forever' trope.

Style   third person

Tags   military, soldiers, hurt / comfort, 2011-01

Relationships   m/m, friendship