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Sexual relations between people too closely related to marry; explicitness and/or illegality varies.

Deceive Thee So Often As Thyself

part 6 of Imperial LaGatta

A son follows his freedom. His father's obsession turns damaging.

Genre   fantasy, slash

Style   third person

Tags   exile, consent issues, incest, 500 creativity exercises, fantasies

Relationships   m/m


part 2 of Imperial LaGatta

A distinguished soldier, Yleksa mentors his idealistic younger cousin Ellory into a military role. A sheltered nobleman, Ellory Aracelis finds himself equipped for rebellion when the time arises, but fears himself too weak to effect meaningful change. Ellory departs LaGatta in despair, and discovers a power with the potential to end LaGatta's military dominance.

Genre   slash

Style   sketch, third person, epic

Tags   steampunk, class themes, imperialism, incest, age difference, 2013-07

Relationships   m/m