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Characters suffer depression.

Consider What Becomes of the Ashes

part 4 of Imperial LaGatta

Fleeing his war-ravaged homeland, young Noah arrives in Imperial LaGatta, the city of his boyhood dreams. Vowing never again to fight, Noah earns his wage as a sex worker. After years of ennui, Noah meets and loves Penleigh, youngest son of a wealthy LaGattan family, who represents everything Noah felt he should have had: class, wealth, and opportunities.

Genre   slash

Style   third person

Tags   steampunk, class themes, sex, imperialism, depression, alienation, prostitution, age difference, 2008-07

Relationships   m/m

Exist Without Padding

If he shut up, he would be all right.

Genre   realistic

Style   second person

Tags   suicide, depression, alienation


part 1 of The Modern Hero

the dreams stack inside each other like hollow dolls all rattling, rocking

Genre   slash

Style   freeform, epic

Tags   angst, class themes, sex, depression, age difference, modern life, pilots

Relationships   m/m

The Weasel

Dragon Age II / Patrick White's "The Aunt" pastiche. Where Gamlen also loved the dashing apostate Malcolm.

Genre   realistic

Style   third person

Tags   aging, depression, alienation, UST, 2013-04

Relationships   family