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Ghastly good taste and suburban gentility; conventional, boring, conservative, dull, ordinary, small-town, bourgeois, parochial . Sometimes relating to living in a suburb.


part 25 of Common People

Well, a kid's going to cost a lot. Add that to the negatives.

Genre   realistic

Style   dialogue only

Tags   suburban, modern life, parenthood

Relationships   f/m


part 22 of Common People

on the air the smell of haloumi grilling

Genre   realistic

Style   free verse

Tags   australian, class themes, suburban, modern life


part 18 of Common People

On the sofa, their commentary faces forwards, as though the television is their audience, and their life is a kind of inverted pantomime.

Genre   realistic

Style   third person

Tags   australian, suburban, 500 creativity exercises

Relationships   f/m

The Komatsu Wombat and the Fantastical Anticlimax

The global community reels with the discovery of impending apocalypse - but even the sky falling can't keep a good storyteller down. This is a future Australia where waiting for apocalypse has become a bit of a bore. Set in Kalgoorlie's SuperPit, grunt-level miner Katashi meets Arunta, the long-legged ruck rover of his dreams. Happily unreliable, Katashi tells his and Arunta's story from before, through and after the end of the world.

Genre   apocalypse, satire

Style   first person, conversational

Tags   dystopia, australian, sex, suburban, miners, 2010-01

Relationships   m/m

Walking the Dog at 10pm

part 14 of Common People

suburban bane of shiftworkers, us night walkers and they; the canine chorus multiplies, heralding our way.

Genre   realistic

Style   couplets

Tags   suburban, alternative lifestyle