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No structure, form, meter, rhyme; still a poem.


part 3 of Common People

hello, face! you are a useful thing.

Genre   satire

Style   freeform

Tags   gender themes, modern life

Miles Away

part 6 of The Modern Hero

knowing by the way your lower jaw juts

Genre   satire

Style   freeform

Tags   sex, modern life

Once There Was This Mirror (And We Drank Ourselves To Death)

Dragon Age II. Hawke and Fenris. Ugly men and an ugly romance.

Genre   slash

Style   freeform, second person

Tags   kink, sex, violence, consent issues, alcohol, 2013-01

Relationships   m/m


part 1 of The Modern Hero

the dreams stack inside each other like hollow dolls all rattling, rocking

Genre   slash

Style   freeform, epic

Tags   angst, class themes, sex, depression, age difference, modern life, pilots

Relationships   m/m