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first person

The narrator refers to themselves.

A Big and Little Joke

part 1 of Common People

A nice man! Tall, but not too tall, because then you -- you too short, eh-mar, for a very tall man with a beard...

Genre   realistic

Style   first person

Tags   australian, gender themes, post-migrant

Relationships   family

A Sense of Commitment

FFXII. Skypirates and ex-spies collide under a military blockade: a tale of how Balthier and Fran came to possess the Strahl.

Genre   action

Style   first person

Tags   steampunk, spies, military, 2010-11

Relationships   partnership

Any Which Way

In prison in a dystopian world, being broken doesn't fix itself. An ex-soldier and a roof tiler get together.

Genre   slash

Style   first person, conversational

Tags   dystopia, sex, consent issues, prisoners, 2011-01

Relationships   f/f

Can't Do It

part 8 of Common People

Still, she's never been much for others, my mother: at the time I didn't know if she realised her sister was actually on her deathbed, but now I'm starting to think she just had no sympathy for the situation.

Genre   realistic

Style   first person

Tags   australian, aging, post-migrant, 500 creativity exercises

Relationships   family


Paradox duly avoided, I painted until I found myself a bit peckish, and stopped for lunch.

Genre   science fiction

Style   first person

Tags   the absurd, 500 creativity exercises

My Only Sunshine

Dragon Age II. Fenris, Hawke and Anders. Post-game, Fenris sickens. A chance encounter with Anders discloses some information on Fenris' making; Hawke takes what seems to be the only option to save him.

Genre   horror

Style   first person

Tags   angst, class themes, consent issues, slavery, 2013-06

Relationships   m/m

Paean of the Princess

Oh my god! I can feel it!

Genre   satire

Style   first person

Tags   modern life, 500 creativity exercises

Relative Level

Despite the town's declaration of neutrality, I have been assigned two guards. In respect to my position, they are both female.

Genre   fantasy

Style   first person

Tags   gender themes, consent issues, 500 creativity exercises

Relationships   f/m

The Joy of Everything Else

Dragon Age II, Fenris has a child AU. Fenris brings his daughter with him when he flees from Minrathous.

Style   first person, present tense

Tags   childhood, slavery, 2012-10

Relationships   family

The Komatsu Wombat and the Fantastical Anticlimax

The global community reels with the discovery of impending apocalypse - but even the sky falling can't keep a good storyteller down. This is a future Australia where waiting for apocalypse has become a bit of a bore. Set in Kalgoorlie's SuperPit, grunt-level miner Katashi meets Arunta, the long-legged ruck rover of his dreams. Happily unreliable, Katashi tells his and Arunta's story from before, through and after the end of the world.

Genre   apocalypse, satire

Style   first person, conversational

Tags   dystopia, australian, sex, suburban, miners, 2010-01

Relationships   m/m

Too Much Head

part 7 of Common People

When I visited Over There, it had been forty two years since I left. Every second question was 'why aren't you married'. Gone forty two years and there's no 'how are you, what do you do, tell us about your life!' No, it's all, 'where's your husband? Where's your boyfriend? Why aren't you married?'

Genre   realistic

Style   first person

Tags   australian, gender themes, post-migrant, 500 creativity exercises

Relationships   family