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Prose with no plot or form; thumbnail sketch of worlds, characters or events.

Cheap Wine

You got lost in your head once, made yourself all crazy.

Genre   realistic

Style   sketch

Tags   alcohol


part 5 of Common People

Three hundred and sixty degrees she turned, and as if trapped in an early version of a three dimensional gamer's world, she turned and turned and only saw her face. She had no sides, no curves but for the hourglass defining her.

Genre   realistic

Style   sketch, third person

Tags   australian, gender themes, post-migrant, 500 creativity exercises, 2010-01

Relationships   f/m


part 14 of The Modern Hero

there was a name he could remember, but not one he could articulate

Genre   realistic

Style   sketch, third person

Tags   aging, 500 creativity exercises


part 2 of Imperial LaGatta

A distinguished soldier, Yleksa mentors his idealistic younger cousin Ellory into a military role. A sheltered nobleman, Ellory Aracelis finds himself equipped for rebellion when the time arises, but fears himself too weak to effect meaningful change. Ellory departs LaGatta in despair, and discovers a power with the potential to end LaGatta's military dominance.

Genre   slash

Style   sketch, third person, epic

Tags   steampunk, class themes, imperialism, incest, age difference, 2013-07

Relationships   m/m


part 19 of Common People

However searing the sun, space was never a glorious frontier.

Genre   realistic

Style   sketch

Tags   australian, 500 creativity exercises

Relationships   family

Out Of Control

part 11 of Common People

...no, I'm thinking, oh no, no, no, did I really eat all that frozen bread, I'm not supposed to eat flour! I'm not supposed to eat bread! -- and I'm thinking of all those wasted days, days I tell you, of half-starving and it's all gone down the toilet like a huge gluten-fat floaty turd, you know, those slick yellow ones, I can't fight myself if I'm going to eat while I'm sleeping...

Genre   realistic

Style   sketch, dialogue only

Tags   australian, gender themes

Relationships   family

Within and Without

part 6 of Common People

Her mother could not find a photographer. No one sits at the bridal table. Beloved's friends are not by her side.

Genre   realistic

Style   sketch, third person

Tags   australian, consent issues, 500 creativity exercises, alcohol

Relationships   family