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A long poem or story, typically derived from oral tradition, sweeping in scope.


part 2 of Imperial LaGatta

A distinguished soldier, Yleksa mentors his idealistic younger cousin Ellory into a military role. A sheltered nobleman, Ellory Aracelis finds himself equipped for rebellion when the time arises, but fears himself too weak to effect meaningful change. Ellory departs LaGatta in despair, and discovers a power with the potential to end LaGatta's military dominance.

Genre   slash

Style   sketch, third person, epic

Tags   steampunk, class themes, imperialism, incest, age difference, 2013-07

Relationships   m/m


part 1 of The Modern Hero

the dreams stack inside each other like hollow dolls all rattling, rocking

Genre   slash

Style   freeform, epic

Tags   angst, class themes, sex, depression, age difference, modern life, pilots

Relationships   m/m