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Imperial Victorian-esque themes, with added punk. I mean technology.

A Sense of Commitment

FFXII. Skypirates and ex-spies collide under a military blockade: a tale of how Balthier and Fran came to possess the Strahl.

Genre   action

Style   first person

Tags   steampunk, spies, military, 2010-11

Relationships   partnership

Consider What Becomes of the Ashes

part 4 of Imperial LaGatta

Fleeing his war-ravaged homeland, young Noah arrives in Imperial LaGatta, the city of his boyhood dreams. Vowing never again to fight, Noah earns his wage as a sex worker. After years of ennui, Noah meets and loves Penleigh, youngest son of a wealthy LaGattan family, who represents everything Noah felt he should have had: class, wealth, and opportunities.

Genre   slash

Style   third person

Tags   steampunk, class themes, sex, imperialism, depression, alienation, prostitution, age difference, 2008-07

Relationships   m/m

For Love of Battle

part 4 of Threshold

FFXII. Ffamran and Fran, Basch and Vossler, Ffamran and Cidolphus. Three interludes, and the methodologies of freedom.

Style   third person, present tense, drabble

Tags   steampunk, alienation, 500 creativity exercises, coming of age, 2009-08

Relationships   partnership, friendship, family


part 2 of Imperial LaGatta

A distinguished soldier, Yleksa mentors his idealistic younger cousin Ellory into a military role. A sheltered nobleman, Ellory Aracelis finds himself equipped for rebellion when the time arises, but fears himself too weak to effect meaningful change. Ellory departs LaGatta in despair, and discovers a power with the potential to end LaGatta's military dominance.

Genre   slash

Style   sketch, third person, epic

Tags   steampunk, class themes, imperialism, incest, age difference, 2013-07

Relationships   m/m


part 3 of Imperial LaGatta

Thought dead during the LaGattan occupation of her city, Princess Aserecedes disappoints her father to be proven instead irresponsible.

Genre   fantasy

Style   third person

Tags   steampunk, imperialism, childhood

Relationships   family


part 1 of Imperial LaGatta

A boy looks forward to his first sea voyage to the frontier, where he learns new habits.

Genre   fantasy

Style   third person

Tags   steampunk, imperialism, childhood

Relationships   family


part 6 of Threshold

FFXII. Ffamran meets Fran, as well as the rest of the YPA.

Style   drabble

Tags   steampunk, 500 creativity exercises, 2009-11

Relationships   friendship