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Characters imbibing. Possible alcoholism.

Cheap Wine

You got lost in your head once, made yourself all crazy.

Genre   realistic

Style   sketch

Tags   alcohol

Impossible Monsters

part 2 of Genetic Imperialism

FFVII. Scarlet and Hojo take their poisons to heart. Set early in Sephiroth's youth, a premise for Sister Ray's naming and Deepground's origin.

Genre   science fiction

Style   present tense

Tags   dystopia, drugs, alcohol, 2010-06

Once There Was This Mirror (And We Drank Ourselves To Death)

Dragon Age II. Hawke and Fenris. Ugly men and an ugly romance.

Genre   slash

Style   freeform, second person

Tags   kink, sex, violence, consent issues, alcohol, 2013-01

Relationships   m/m

Silent Night

part 12 of The Modern Hero

i don't look back

Genre   realistic

Style   free verse

Tags   aging, modern life, alcohol

Within and Without

part 6 of Common People

Her mother could not find a photographer. No one sits at the bridal table. Beloved's friends are not by her side.

Genre   realistic

Style   sketch, third person

Tags   australian, consent issues, 500 creativity exercises, alcohol

Relationships   family