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Focused on parenting and child-raising.


part 25 of Common People

Well, a kid's going to cost a lot. Add that to the negatives.

Genre   realistic

Style   dialogue only

Tags   suburban, modern life, parenthood

Relationships   f/m

No Tragedy Today

part 22 of Threshold

FFXII. Vossler, Balthier, Fran, Basch, and the kidlets. Vossler turns a riot's tide; rescue is as unexpected as it is welcomed.

Style   third person, present tense

Tags   class themes, violence, imperialism, parenthood, 2009-10

Relationships   family


part 21 of Threshold

FFXII, Balthier and Fran. Do we call this kidfic?

Genre   romance

Style   present tense, drabble

Tags   angst, aging, 500 creativity exercises, parenthood, 2009-06

Relationships   f/m, family

Worlds, Oysters, Pearls, and a Grain of Sand

part 8 of Threshold

FFXII. Balthier and Cid. Unexpectedly, Cidolphus finds his runaway son.

Style   third person, present tense, stream of consciousness

Tags   angst, violence, alienation, parenthood, coming of age, 2009-01

Relationships   family