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Physiological, biological, sociological differences between sentient species.


part 10 of Threshold

Basch and Fran. An oasis and an invitation.

Genre   romance

Style   third person, present tense, drabble

Tags   500 creativity exercises, xeno

Relationships   f/m

But Some of Her Best Friends are Bangaa!

part 13 of Threshold

FFXII. Vaan asks a personal question. Penelo's drunk enough to answer.

Style   drabble

Tags   500 creativity exercises, xeno, 2009-10


FFXII. Montblanc and Krjn. The tentative beginnings of Clan Centurio.

Style   third person

Tags   imperialism, xeno, 2007-11

Relationships   partnership


part 7 of Threshold

FFXII. Balthier and Fran. A mutually negotiated endeavor and satisfactory outcome for all.

Style   drabble

Tags   age difference, 500 creativity exercises, fantasies, xeno, 2009-07

Relationships   partnership, f/m


FFXII. Ba'gamnan and Ffamran. Inexperience doesn't stop Ba'gamnan deducing this Hume is one of "those".

Style   third person

Tags   angst, betrayal, sex, xeno, 2008-06

Relationships   m/m