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Completed in January 2010

A Fragment of Memory

part 3 of Genetic Imperialism

FFVII. Hojo; on his employer.

Genre   science fiction

Style   present tense

Tags   dystopia, 2010-01


part 5 of Common People

Three hundred and sixty degrees she turned, and as if trapped in an early version of a three dimensional gamer's world, she turned and turned and only saw her face. She had no sides, no curves but for the hourglass defining her.

Genre   realistic

Style   sketch, third person

Tags   australian, gender themes, post-migrant, 500 creativity exercises, 2010-01

Relationships   f/m

Doctor Doctor

FFVII / FFIX crossover. General Beatrix is a SOLDIER, Doctor Lucrecia runs the experiments.

Genre   horror

Style   third person

Tags   gender themes, military, 500 creativity exercises, body horror, 2010-01

Relationships   f/f

It Would Have Brought You To Your Knees

History of the Runestaff. Hawkmoon and D'Averc. The architect that Jehamia spoke of was a Frenchman, not a Boar.

Style   third person

Tags   angst, 500 creativity exercises, 2010-01

Relationships   friendship


FFVII. f!Vincent (genderbent) and Lucretia. For the prompt 'Betrayal - Lucrecia had just been using Vincent to get to Hojo.'

Genre   horror

Style   third person

Tags   betrayal, gender themes, supernatural, duty, 500 creativity exercises, genderbent, body horror, 2010-01

Relationships   f/f

The Komatsu Wombat and the Fantastical Anticlimax

The global community reels with the discovery of impending apocalypse - but even the sky falling can't keep a good storyteller down. This is a future Australia where waiting for apocalypse has become a bit of a bore. Set in Kalgoorlie's SuperPit, grunt-level miner Katashi meets Arunta, the long-legged ruck rover of his dreams. Happily unreliable, Katashi tells his and Arunta's story from before, through and after the end of the world.

Genre   apocalypse, satire

Style   first person, conversational

Tags   dystopia, australian, sex, suburban, miners, 2010-01

Relationships   m/m