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Completed in March 2012

After the Landsmeet

Dragon Age Origins. Alistair is shamed, Zevran fails to make it better.

Genre   fantasy, realistic

Style   third person

Tags   betrayal, alienation, 2012-03

Relationships   friendship


FFXII. Ashelia and Al-Cid. An AU where Ashelia destroyed the Sun-Cryst with one great blow of the Sword of Kings. Unfortunately, the blow nearly destroyed her too. After Al-Cid's rescue, she is a half-prisoner, half-exile in Rozarria, with repercussions.

Genre   romance

Style   third person

Tags   kink, angst, exile, sex, amputation, 2012-03

Relationships   f/m


part 9 of Threshold

FFXII. Egg filled bug bites in Rabanstre's sewers. A competent Vossler turns Ashelia on; an Ashe who needs his help turns Vossler on.

Style   third person, present tense

Tags   kink, angst, age difference, 500 creativity exercises, fantasies, 2012-03

Relationships   f/m

There Are Secrets To Give

FFVII. Vincent, Lucrecia, Hojo. Vincent loves them both, but they both love their work more. Therefore he shall make himself their work.

Genre   horror

Style   third person

Tags   kink, fantasies, body horror, 2012-03

Relationships   multi