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Completed in May 2012

And the Soul Slides Away

Dragon Age II. Fenris and Anders. A growing lack of disgust can't be everything.

Genre   realistic

Style   stream of consciousness

Tags   angst, exile, aging, suicide, alienation, hurt / comfort, 2012-05

Relationships   m/m

The Crazy Part

Dragon Age Origins. Kallian leaves Zevran behind at the final battle. When he finds out why, he is unspeakably angry.

Genre   romance

Style   third person

Tags   betrayal, violence, 2012-05

Relationships   f/m

The Elf with the Empty Victory

Dragon Age Origins. Warden-Commander Kallian Tabris prepares to sneak away in the night, has random goodbye sex with Anders. Anders has no idea what's going on.

Genre   fantasy, realistic

Style   third person

Tags   sex, alienation, 2012-05

Relationships   f/m