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Completed in October 2012

Dangerous Thing

Dragon Age II. Fenris, Hawke, Carver and Sebastian recover Anders from the Qunari.

Genre   horror

Style   third person, present tense, stream of consciousness

Tags   torture, slavery, body horror, 2012-10, despair


Dragon Age II. Hawke and Fenris. Fenris is ready to go looking for a violent sexual distraction. Hawke finds him first.

Genre   slash

Style   third person

Tags   kink, sex, hurt / comfort, 2012-10

Relationships   m/m

The Joy of Everything Else

Dragon Age II, Fenris has a child AU. Fenris brings his daughter with him when he flees from Minrathous.

Style   first person, present tense

Tags   childhood, slavery, 2012-10

Relationships   family