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2010 JUL-09 | Eve N. Furter
, ch. 11
I'm getting really intrigued by this series. :)

2011 AUG-20 | natsumachi
Believe in Peace
I really enjoyed reading this. You are one of the few authors I've found who writes femslash with the sort of characters and tropes that I love to read. Plus the complexity of their emotions, relationships and social situation is so interesting. Just a note: your website's font (Didot), displays awfully in my browser (firefox 5) and other readers might have the same problem. I used firebug to temporarily change the font to Georgia so that I could read the story.

2010 SEP-22 | Catherine
ah... so pointless and so accurate ... and what happens when meets oneself coming when one is going... reminds me of the ant colony of humans on the daily trudge to doing what they have to do...

2011 JUN-28 | Alicia
The Komatsu Wombat and the Fantastical Anticlimax, ch. 10
This has been 1 just plain interesting 3 in the morning adventure. This is one of the only sifi stories i didnt scoff at halfway through. I like how it had no particular order, like a colabaration of onshot stories all about the same topic. It was like the story was set in the order it was written insted of the order it happened. It garrentied a happy( or at least hopeful ) ending. I dont know how you did it but i can remember the main charactors names for once. I just realy genuenly like this story. Its so much easeier to read then i thought it would be when i saw the recomendation on the slash pile.

2010 JUL-30 | Catherine
very pertinant ... an apt description reflecting the feel of depression... i wonder about cobwebbed with welcome... i am not sure that the word welcome is not too positive for depression... the bed is a refuge ... sleep is desired and often not found... the bed is loved and hated for that reason... maybe it could read cobwebbed with conflict ... contrariness... anyway it is just a thought...

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