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2011 JUL-23 | Adamd
Consider What Becomes of the Ashes, ch. 4
Just started reading and I have to say, beautiful story so far!

2011 JUN-24 | L

For other independent souls, there's nothing asked, or wanted, or received, but shared appreciation. Cover their failure with your righteousness? Hmm. There is probably some wriggle-room between support and beatification. Shalom. Lxx

2011 APR-06 | L
Consider What Becomes of the Ashes
Mmmm, firm. Bravo.

2011 SEP-17 | The Calico Vieralyn
Scant Heritage
I owe you a real email but I had to comment on this one. Much much enjoyed! Great mix of levity in the absurdness of nostalgia, remembering, and forgetting.

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