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2010 MAY-19 | Letitia

Ah.... Not disappointed. What ARE you doing with giveaways, you need an agent, pixie.

2011 OCT-10 | bri
The Komatsu Wombat and the Fantastical Anticlimax, ch. 10
This was lovely. ? I really enjoyed the tone you used, and the stark, bleak sense of loss and hope was breathtaking. Honestly, I don't think I've got anything more coherent to say than this is utterly fabulous and I adored it.

2010 JUL-30 | Catherine
very pertinant ... an apt description reflecting the feel of depression... i wonder about cobwebbed with welcome... i am not sure that the word welcome is not too positive for depression... the bed is a refuge ... sleep is desired and often not found... the bed is loved and hated for that reason... maybe it could read cobwebbed with conflict ... contrariness... anyway it is just a thought...

2011 APR-06 | L
Consider What Becomes of the Ashes
Mmmm, firm. Bravo.

2010 JUL-16 | a fan of this series
, ch. 11
I really love your style of writing. The story, the characters, and their world really capture the imagination. And you finished this part with quite the cliffhanger...Can't wait for the next installment, thank you for sharing your art :-)

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