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How Absurd

'But surely someone can help us!' he cried.

She thought as swiftly as her mind could race, even as the world crumbled around them. It appeared that so little could be done to assuage the situation, hopeless, the eventual terminus speeding towards them with velociraptor fangs and blood-red eyes. Such was her nature that hopelessness provoked the urge to speak as though words, any words, would offer a solution; her intentions well meant, her conclusions, quite unformed.

'I do know one archeologist, but after his graduation he defaulted on the whip, fedora and offer of a personalized theme-song to become a project manager for a world-renowned shed building company.'

Her current companion's hope died as swiftly as they surely would. 'Well, that's no bloody use to anyone, is it!'

'Unless you needed a shed delivered on time,' she felt it necessary to clarify. 'Then I think Neil would be a remarkably useful person to know. Particularly if one's construction site had, say, for example, a Native Title covenant or an ancestral burial ground located within its bounds. And that happens so often these days, I would have you know, I would have thought more archeologists should get into construction. After all, they do know what survives through millenia of natural disasters.'

'Thank you so much for your informed opinion, Miss Caroline—'

At which point, the impact with the teledimensional portal spared her further sarcasm and company both.

April 2010

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