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Couldn't Give Away The Pearls

part 9 of Common People

You're amazing! Don't forget to wash your hands
don't sneeze so loud, or talk so much
sit gracefully or no one will love you.

You're so smart! Can't keep a friend
but you're real good at physics and you hate physics.

You're such a good listener! Except when you're talking
your opinions are loud and about as unpopular as you are.

You're beautiful! Enough that people overlook you
this face like camouflage
they're thinking you're happier not knowing them
which is better than when they presume the right to know you.

You fill someone else's perfect shape
What you keep looking to find moves away.

Look at you! What have you got to be unhappy about?
And here you thought unhappiness was about what you haven't got,
not about what you have. You could afford to give a damn.

May 2010

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