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The Faked Death of Glitter

Please sit, this news might shock you.
I know you were told that glitter was dead.
Currently in attendance at a debutante's masquerade ball
Having had minor reconstructive surgery, and using the alias shimmer or shine.
The evidence was incontrovertible at the time.
But times change and evidence is falsely reported.

Try not to let this distress you. Glitter never died.
Walking out on you, it must have been thought that artifice
Would be easier on your sensibilities than telling you the truth.

No one cared for the traces, surfacing for decades after
a kiss lingering on the curve of your cheek, perfume on your pillow
a fallen star caught in the eyelash fringe.
You look at the world in wonder.
Shimmer or shine, matt lipstick and sensible heels.
You were too old for glitter's fickle heart.

But don't blame me. All these years,
Even the magazines were complicit, remember.

June 2010

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