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The Komatsu Wombat and the Fantastical Anticlimax


The global community reels with the discovery of impending apocalypse - but even the sky falling can't keep a good storyteller down. This is a future Australia where waiting for apocalypse has become a bit of a bore. Set in a future Kalgoorlie's superpit, grunt-level miner Katashi meets Arunta, the long-legged ruck rover of his dreams. Happily unreliable, Katashi tells his and Arunta's story from before, through and after the end of the world.

A shade away from satire, this novella explores an anti-apocalypse genre, with apocalyptic and dystopian themes thriving smack bang in the middle of a constructed suburbia.

A Version 1 of this story was originally published in Imaginary Beasts - Apocalypse Edition, January 2010.

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