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A Final Fantasy XII fanfiction, and pastiche with the novella, Trapp's War. Creative rights to the characters, settings and structure belong to their original creators.

A Sense of Commitment

Introduction Synopsis

The Archadian Empire spreads itself thin fighting a war of conquest over numerous fronts. One such battlefield is the blockade around the pirate port of Balfonheim. Balthier and Fran are skypirates, partners and serial survivors. In their ancient airship, they regularly run the blockade, delivering much needed supplies to Balfonheim for a profit that makes the risk worthwhile.

In a clash of empires, the Rozarrian Empire rises to Balfonheim's defense, involving Balthier and Fran in a war effort they have no desire to pursue. The skypirates fight a subversive war on behalf of Rozarria, wondering if the return is worth their commitment.


Artist Credits: Thanks be to manicintent for the beautiful works of character art.

Acknowledgements: A Sense of Commitment was written in November 2010 for MegaflareFF, a Final Fantasy Big Bang Challenge asking for submissions over 20 000 words.

Set two years prior to the events in SquareEnix's Final Fantasy XII (FFXII), A Sense of Commitment details Balthier and Fran's whereabouts during the Archadian invasion of Nabudis.

Starring a cast of FFXII characters, the story is also a pastiche, following the dramatic plot structure of Callison's Trapp's War, a novel representative of the 'WWII military/action' genre - a schema that proved oddly well suited to FFXII's imperial collisions.

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