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A telephone call with Bittersea, whose priorities deflect attention from the real issue.

Out Of Control

part 11 of Common People

'...and then I had this nightmare, where I'm at the chest freezer in the garage where we keep all the bread and the icecream and the things I've sworn not to eat, and I'm taking out whole loaves of bread and eating them up, just stuffing them in, all crumbs and crusts all over me and all over the garage floor, and it's still frozen and tastes all foul, and it's revolting me and then I wake up and I'm panicking, cold sweats and everything, disgusting taste in my mouth: no, I'm thinking, oh no, no, no, did I really eat all that frozen bread, I'm not supposed to eat flour! I'm not supposed to eat bread! — and I'm thinking of all those wasted days, days I tell you, of half-starving and it's all gone down the toilet like a huge gluten-fat floaty turd, you know, those slick yellow ones, I can't fight myself if I'm going to eat while I'm sleeping! — so dreading what I'm going to see I creep out to the garage still in my robe and without even my slippers, I get to the freezer and I unlock it, and open it up, and I breathe a huge sigh of relief because all the bread's still there, it was just a nightmare, I didn't really eat it, so then I take out the bread, and before I bin the whole loaf, I make myself toast.'

February 2010

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