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Beloved and Spearman debate procreation.


part 25 of Common People

'How about try something quantifiable? Positives and negatives.'

'Well, a kid's going to cost a lot. Add that to the negatives.'

'Chew up our time, too. Another negative.'

'Affect career progression?'

'Same thing as chewing up time, really. Want to go to subcategories?'

'Nah, just leave it as time, keep it broad and simple. Two negatives. Should think of a positive.'

'A kid'll give us more stuff to do, you know. Community connection, hanging out at parks. Make the Royal Show fun again?'

'If expensive.'

'We've already got expenses down. Just add "more stuff to do" to the positive side.'

'More stuff to do. Positive number one. Right.'

'A kid could also take care of us in our old age. Some people have kids for that, I think?'

'Takes care of us in old age, positive number two, ok—'


'You picking up the same trend?'


'Well, look. Kid takes care of us in our old age. But a kid costs a lot, meaning, if we didn't have a kid, we'd have the money to fund our own retirement. Same with this, I mean, 'loss of time' on the negatives side, with 'more stuff to do' on the positives. It's almost like—'

'—the only way to decide if you want a kid or not is if—'

'You actually want a child.'

They paused, looking at each other.

May 2011

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