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Following the theoretically unprovoked Vail invasion of Badenstee, the LaGattan Imperial Military Association repelled the Vail and assumed Imperial control of their weakened ally’s territory. Badenstee's primary industry and national pride, the great forest, was burned to the ground by a rebel Badenson's activities in an attempt to deny the LaGattans further wealth. Across the ocean, the Vail mobilise to combat the LaGattan countermove.

Consider What Becomes of the Ashes


part 4 of Imperial LaGatta

Fleeing his war-ravaged homeland, young Noah arrives in Imperial LaGatta, the city of his boyhood dreams. Vowing never again to fight, Noah earns his wage as a sex worker.

Noah does not know what he wants. For years his life is sordid and downbeat, his aimless longings repressed by his experiences and the rigidly tiered LaGattan class system. Noah takes a permanent position within an elderly actress's home, where he meets and loves Penleigh, youngest son of a wealthy LaGattan family, who represents everything Noah felt he should have had: class, wealth, and opportunities.

On the periphery of major events and the Imperial cohort, Noah drifts through Imperial LaGatta's preparations for conquest of a distant enemy, until the realisation his lover Penleigh will be going to war — and Penleigh is willing to fight to bring fire back into Noah's life.

A sketch version of this story was originally published at insanejournal's kinkfest community in July 2008, combining Intimate Psychotherapy with the themes of alienation, memory, trauma, sex and escape as inspired by Midnight Cowboy. The story also contains elements of style pastiche with short stories found in Will Self's Grey Matter.

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