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Beloved and Spearman have a successful marriage, for whatever definition of the term applies.


part 21 of Common People

Flicking between trite morning offerings, they come across a show listing in an astoundingly compressed point form (that is, under five criteria per side) the reasons why marriages succeed or fail. On the success side of the list: common interests, common background, shared values, similar education level, similar ideology.

She turns to him and asks, 'What do we have, then?'

'A whippet.'

The answer itself, whip-quick. They both pin the dog with a contemplative stare, who, unnerved by the unexpected attention, puts down her chewstick and walks away, casting reproachful looks over her shoulder.

Beloved laughs hard enough to need to bury her face against his shoulder.

'See,' Spearman says, smug. 'Told you so.'

July 2011

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