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Used To Be

part 5 of The Modern Hero

you are cruel, He says.
you're not ever careless,
not to say that you

were disinterested.
He points with the whip
the charts that lead

to His sin, you
sneer all too pleased
He holds out His arms

a hard line to cross, crisscross, crisscross.
you will break bones, even
when as hard as you are.

(last time you had this
chance you were unable to
pull your strokes, or try.)

you offer not
a thing more than what you are
(a useless man, selfish).

He stood without sound
or complaint. In private He
was angrier than

He had any right
to be. who would have thought that
His blood bled so red:

this once young man's
selfishness could be the best match
in the world for Him.

He wears His neckline
low enough you can still
see the worst of it.

all pain hurts just like it used to.

July 2011, originally 2008

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