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Nice Guy

We'll have a little less battle out of you, if you don't mind. (God, who would've thought the old girl had so much salt in her.) I know we've discussed this before, but now I've made my decision, there's no arguing it again. No, I don't need any time to think it over. Here, take a tissue, and for God's sake don't go thinking that just because I'm nice to you it means I want to live with you forever. Aw, here we go again. Jesus wept, it's just a tissue. There we are now. Let's pack your things and get you out in time for tea. Off you go. Have a nice life. No, don't call me. Oh, fer crissakes. Take the whole bloody box of tissues. Crikey Moses, mate. You'd think she'd never met a nice guy before in her life.

August 2011

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