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Creativity Exercise

fallacy Pharisee phallus-y frippery fantasy
phantasm fangasm fans in chasm
plantasm oracle
auricle monocle historical randomly astronomical
operates on sound linking capacity
meaning what meaning
expression in song
frog sprog sperm earth berm earthworm earth turn antsy pantsy jason writes his letters long
somehow always wrong, misses the point, missed his point, detached
ghosts on the surface, understanding events but not actuation
ever wonder if the curse applies
saying X equalling Y but missing the equals recognising the wit never knowing the wrong
we have run long and away we three from the mountain always standing still
mill hill over the hill how did he get to forty without doing anything he said he would do, did everything she said he would do
instead head bed dead
writes a worry he never knew he had counting down for distance to go mad
gassed himself at forty eight in a ford fairlane in wanneroo (route forty eight
and he laughed so hard at that it killed him)
his letters were longer and wronger for sure (I love you (bitch I'm cheating on) like the world is nothing without you (to cheat upon))
parenthesis in parent this is
whose parent is this please collect from the counter
whose parent is this missing the point by a whole cosmos (thinks his wife is his mother)
lost himself on the dark side of the moon in nineteen seventy eight and ate a whole glass onion while wandering there
broke his teeth on the pretension, stupid old man
screaming stupid putrid what did they think they were going to do it was music
records, records, music records time and place and feeling historical records, archives never incite
the form is the function is records
if music was really going to do something they would've called them revolutions not records
excising not so easily
almightily pleased with me
what a waste of matter he was, stupid blonde
watsa matter waso matter reeds and rushes suffers hot flushes
watsa matta you, ei? Wound up living in backsticks wanneroo
with a mensa rating phd whatever the fuck no chance of a screw
wanneroo wanneroot wanna screw wanna blue I'll punch you should've been born in 1982
listening to lounge bar jazz wearing Obelix pants
dance chance bedazzle vajazzle shaved it off just to see
random connectivity (watch it go into me, who he?)
just don't ask
shock block cock tock ba-gok
like a chicken in a pickle shits itself forgets to fly runs instead across the road and winds up dead
chicken mamas don't cry
cos you ate 'em.

September 2011

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