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Scientific progress in LaGatta is attributed to the wealthy and experimental Aracelis family. The city's decadence is threatened inwardly by an uprising from the disenfranchised Auldemon residents. LaGatta's neighbours watch with vested interest, but the Emperor uses the popular uprising as an excuse to trigger a military purge of the city, taking power from the Merchant's Caucus.



part 2 of Imperial LaGatta

A distinguished soldier of a long-conquered land, Yleksa struggles to to find meaning in his retirement to Imperial LaGatta after a lifetime of committing war in LaGatta's name. Disturbed by popular sentiment amongst LaGatta's young nobility, he adopts the role of mentoring his idealistic younger cousin Ellory into a military role.

With the wealthy Aracelis family at the centre of LaGatta's scientific and military research, younger son Ellory looks to define himself distinct from familial expectation. When LaGatta descends into civil dispute, Ellory finds himself well equipped for rebellion, but in the aftermath fears himself too weak to effect meaningful change.

Distancing himself from LaGatta through both geography and distinct personality, Ellory meets Traumen, Yleksa's lost brother, on his own quest following rumour of an inexplicable power deep in the Anchorbon forest. In discovering a power which could end LaGatta's military dominance, Ellory Aracelis is forced to resolve his internal conflict: his disgust with LaGatta's use of force, and his love for LaGatta's potential.

Heavily fragmented, stylised and with a dreamlike aesthetic, this story focuses on the false poetics of patriotism, using atmosphere more than action to evoke emotion.

July 2013

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