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How We All Got There (Was a Mystery)


In the blurb for this story, I mentioned this was incomplete but also my first attempt at a structured novel.

Even now, eight years later, I open up yWriter and smile gleefully as I read through the framework. It was so ambitious; it was going to weave in Vincent's unspoken terror of his father's magnificence and fascination with monstrosities, willingly transforming himself into the potential end of the world at Lucrecia's hands because it was the only way to better his father's ghost in her eyes; it was going to ground Lucrecia's neuroses in her innate fear of meeting her family's incredibly mundane expectations; Gast was going to be weak and weaker and his failed flawed insecurities and sexual-daddy-complex was going to be the only way Ifalna could get herself out of a bad situation. Hojo was going to be sane by comparison. And Ifalna, she was going to be amazing.

I have used the mini chapter descriptions as the chapter titles for the portions complete enough that I could post them. For what it is worth, here is the entirety of this story in skeletal form:

Who's Who, on the way to Nibelheim
01 Letter Addressing the Jenova Project Production Team's Conscription (Chapter 1 posted)
02 Staring Contest (Chapter 2 posted)
03 Get On Board (Chapter 3 posted)

The End (How It Began)
04 Funereal Guilt (Chapter 4 posted)
05 Set the Scene (Chapter 5 posted)
06 Fundamental Role Differences and Beliefs (Chapter 6 posted)
07 The Convoy is Attacked (Chapter 7 posted)

Establishing the Team
08 Monstrous Massacre at Gongaga (Chapter 8 posted)
09 Gast Begs Shinra for Funding (Chapter 9 posted)
10 Gast Chooses his Scientists; Shinra chooses Gast's "bodyguard"

The Project Progresses
11 Swords Versus Guns; Shinra's Propaganda
12 Arrival in Nibelheim
13 Vincent Goes Through His Checklist

Vincent's Aside
14 Gast and Vincent Bond; Vincent Backs Off (50% posted as Chapter 14)
15 Vincent Has a Flashback of his Refugee Life and his Father Summoning Leviathan
16 Lucrecia Asks Vincent Why He Hurts Himself

The Wildcard Comes Out To Play
17 Hojo Does The Dodgy (Hojo POV)
18 The Nightmares Start; Jenova Stirs (Ifalna POV)
19 Vincent Crowns Jenova an Angel (Ifalna POV; otherwise known as why everyone near the Ancient is going batshit crazy)
20 Hojo Gets Snowed Into A Cave With Vincent (Hojo POV)

21 The Beast Breaks Free (Hojo POV; Jenova Mindfuck)
22 Ifalna Does Vincent's Job (Ifalna POV)
23 Shinra Comes to Nibelheim and Breaks Lucrecia More (Hojo POV)
24 Lucrecia Ends It Before It Begins (With Vincent) (Lucrecia POV)
25 Lucrecia's Past and Why She Should Stick to Fucking Scientists (Lucrecia POV)

The Beloved Triad
26 Ifalna Is Caught (Vincent POV)
27 Vincent Snaps (Hojo POV)
28 Vincent's Flashback; Guns, Power, Decisions, and What He Wanted Out Of Nibelheim (Vincent POV)
29 Terrible Parents (And Lu's Unspoken Terror That She Is Now Meeting Their Every Expectation) (Lucrecia POV)
30 Happy Found Families (Gast POV)
31 Hojo Defends the Rights of Women Everywhere (Hojo POV)

Ifalna Tells What She Has Learned (A Look-Back)
32 Ifalna is Incarnate
33 Ifalna is Disturbed
34 Ifalna Learns

Calamities 2: Ifalna Burns Down Nibelheim
35 Ifalna's Realisation (Jenova is Not Her Mother)
36 The Lab Is Burning Down (Hojo POV)
37 Living Laboratory; Lucrecia Offers Herself (Hojo POV)

38 Gast; Repentance; On Camera and All Alone

Hojo's Revelation; Shinra's Arrival Breaks Lucrecia
39 Hojo Understands The Truth (Hojo POV)
40 Vincent Confronts Lucrecia without Resolution (Hojo POV)
41 Shinra Arrives; Vincent Takes Charge of his Life...and Dies (Hojo POV)

Denouement; Lucrecia Fully Wigs Out
42 Lucrecia Tries To Piece Together the Shars (Vincent POV; Chaos/Omega/Jenova Threeway)

43 Hojo Preserves Lucrecia's Endevours (Vincent POV)
44 Gast Learns Ifalna is Pregnant (Gast POV)

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